Live Surgery

Joint meeting with the Italian Society of Endocrine Surgery and the National School of Endocrine Surgery of the Italian Society of Surgery

Wednesday, May 22nd 2024

8.00 – 8.20          Registration

8.20 – 8.30          Presidents’ and Directors welcome
                                   M. Barczynski, G. Docimo, PG Calò, M. Raffaelli, M. Testini

8.30 – 8.45          Presentation of the fellows of National School of Endocrine Surgery of the Italian Society
f Surgery 

08.45 – 11.00     Focus on: minimally invasive and remote access thyroid surgery

President: N. Avenia
Chair: G. Dionigi, M.G. Chiofalo, M. Testini

Live surgery 1: Minimally Invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy – G. Materazzi
Live surgery 2: Robotic Assisted Transaxillary Thryoidectomy– SW Kang

BABA with central neck dissection – E. Mercader Cidoncha 
TOETVA – A. Casaril
Remote access thyroid surgery and ethico-legal issues – A. Oliva 
Guidelines: where we are? – M. Barczynski 
Panelists: G. Ardito, C. Bellotti, M. Biffoni, M. Bononi, G. Perigli, V. D’Orazi, F. Feroci, L. Giacomelli, A. Ortensi, F. Pedicini, L. Revelli

11.00 – 13.30     Focus on: minimally invasive adrenalectomy

President: R. Bellantone
Chair: M. Boniardi, G. Conzo, A. Pezzolla

Live surgery 1: Laparoscopic TLA – M. Iacobone
Live surgery 2: Da Vinci RA-TLA – L. Brunaud

HUGO RA-TLA – P. Gallucci
Posterior retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy – PF Alesina 
Is there a place for the robotically assisted minimally invasive adrenalectomy? – G. Cavallaro
Cost-effectiveness of robotic adrenalectomy – B. Mullineris
Panelists: G. Basili, D. Bettini, L. Ciccoritti, P. Giustacchini, F. Greco, L Oragano, P. Sartori, PG. Scerrino,
S. Vanella, A. Zaccaroni

13.30 – 16.00     Focus on fluorescence guided neck dissection

President: L. Rosato
Chair: L. Pezzullo, PG Calò, A. Gurrado

Live Surgery 1: Total thyroidectomy + central neck dissection – T. Musholt
Live surgery 2: Fascial Lateral Neck Dissection – M. Raffaelli

Parathyroid AF and ICG angiography: Basic principles and technique – A.M. D’Amore
The role of N status in the risk stratification of differentiated thyroid carcinoma – L. Sessa
Preoperative lymph node mapping: tips and tricks – P. Maceroni
Panelists: G. Graceffa, S. Andreani, I. Pauna, L. De Pasquale, M. Minuto, F. Stanzione, G. Lupone, P Princi, MG Esposito, G. D’Amato

16.00 – 18.00     Focus on: PTH and image-guided parathyroid surgery

President: G. Gasparri
Chair: G. Docimo, M. De Palma, P. Del Rio

Live Surgery 1: MIVAP – C. De Crea
Live Surgery 2: BNE – F. Sebag

Intraoperative PTH assay: is still worthwhile? F. Medas
Reoperation for persistent/recurrent HPT: the challenge – F. Palazzo
Parathyroid Fluorescence during parathyroid procedures: is this worthwhile? – A. Pasculli
Clinical management of Parathyroid carcinoma – E. Traini
Panelists: P. Carcoforo, M. Boscherini, F. Quaglino, N. Innaro, G. Ansaldo, A. Borrelli, G. Canu, S. Sorrenti,
M. Cannizzaro, C. Dobrinja